It began with a vision for a place
to play… and then a place
to live….

Wendell and Bernice “Bunny”
Frederickson purchased the neglected
harbor and land in 1972. They worked
and played hard at their new marina
while commuting every weekend from
the Twin Cities. Every vacation and
weekend for six consecutive years
were spent building, renovating and
dreaming about Mille Lacs Lake.
Eventually the dream became reality
and they moved to Wahkon in 1978.
Building a home, pouring concrete
walkways and driveways, shoring up
marina walls, punching holes in the
ice, and hand-pounding posts into the
harbor lake bed to secure marina roof
posts for building new slips were just
some of their many projects at the
marina. Wendell always liked to have
a project going. He said it gave him a  
reason to get up in the morning.
Wendell & Bunny
Wendell & Bunny
Most tasks had an element of fun in
them.  Wendell created a pedestrian
lift bridge which allowed for a full
walk around the Marina, while at the
same time, allowed sailboats to
access the marina harbor. His fire
pole that offered "quick jump" access
from the home's upper level to lake
level to accommodate customers in
a timely fashion are among some of
his inventions. Portions of their
original home remain part of Chip
Frederickson’s marina home. Over
the years Wendell and Bunny
became very involved in the Wahkon
community. They joined the
Presbyterian church where a stained
glass window commemorates their
love of the church. Both were very
active in the Wahkon Civic
Association, promoting the town and
the area to tourists and residents
with the annual parade and Rock On
In Wahkon Days.
Wendell became a popular mayor of
Wahkon and served for 13 years. He
was also an active member of the
Wahkon fire department.
Bunny died in 1984 and Wendell in
2000. Their son, Gary and grandson
Chip continue the family tradition.
They have finish remodeling the
Marina and updating the boat slips in
2005, created The Launch Center in
2006 and are currently pursuing their
Meshigun Point townhome project.  
We think Wendell and Bunny would
be pleased to know the legacy